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We work with several manufacturers and artisans to be able to provide unique pieces for your home! Natural materials, hand-made, sourced from around the world. We are passionate in providing unique, high quality, beautiful home furnishings. Our philosophy was to customize all our furniture and build based on our customers demands. If there is a sofa your like the shape of and an armchair you like the color of, we can use the fabric of the armchair to make your sofa. Contact us for additional information!

Professionals & Designers

Designers, Architects, Contractors, etc. message us to enroll in our special offers and reduced pricing.

Coastal Line

Outdoor Furniture

Why choose us?

  • We can furnish your entire home, including custom closets and cabinetry
  • Extensive array of exclusive and eclectic fashion from around the world
  • Extraordinary craftsmanship with values that will constantly surprise you
  • We can customize finishes and details that make it yours and yours alone
  • Superior Customer Service
  • Fast quotes and flexible delivery options